You in the Meadow


Keep custody of this vision:dandelion meadow

You among waves of dandelions–

sun-shaped lures bowing

in fluid dance, mounted by

the rascal wind,

his hot fickle breath

heavy against their spines.


They are martyrs ascending

in sheets of particle-light hung

like dusty window glass

across our secret meadow.


Lie down in them, tender-side-sup

beneath millions of weightless spurs–

tiny arrows let fly without aim.


Catch them like moths,

clustered puffs,  cupped in

gentle hand-traps,

then blow them–

Holy-Gold, …back to God.



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2 Responses to You in the Meadow

  1. Dub Chambers says:

    beautiful….reminds us of hikes in God’s creation and the peace it gives us!


  2. Susan Alkire says:

    Reminds me of walking through meadows as a child and lying down among all the field daisies!

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